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Although completion of primary care for the client is a life achievement that should be celebrated, many find that the effort of abstaining from drugs and alcohol is as hard as the initial withdrawals. As a sober coach Arizona facility we find not only do clients fear that their integration into normal society may disclose temptations at every corner, but families of clients worry that the resolve will dissipate once their loved ones are left to their own devices.

Of course, these doubts trigger stress; one of the most common contributors to substance abuse.  That is why recovery monitoring addresses these factors, offering a continuum of aftercare that helps not only the recovering addict but the addict’s social circle too.

A Comprehensive Aftercare Plan Includes Recovery Monitoring

Those that have recently completed a Primary Treatment program are often left feeling a little lost, as the intensity of the life changing course leaves them little time to think about anything but the goal of completing treatment. However, once the goal is achieved and normal patterns of life return, recovering addicts and families find that only half the battle is won. At this point, the client must learn to live without treatment supports, relying on their personal resources to abstain from a substance that has dominated most of their adult life. It’s this return to normality that can leave clients feeling alone, unable to handle the pressure of conforming when so much control is back in their hands.

The recovery monitoring process effectively helps to reduce this stress, by providing on going accountability and structure.  This includes weekly meetings with a Recovery Coach, random urinalysis testing, relapse prevention work, and assistance in the development of life skills.  This not only leads to a better quality of life for the client, it also provides the client’s family and friends with confidence and on going resources.

With a weekly face to face meeting with a recovery coach, every client has access to a provider they know and trust, allowing them privacy and non-judgemental comradeship as they continue their recovery away from the primary care setting. They can also be monitored for potential drug and alcohol use, allowing control to stay with the care provider, adding another layer of accountability and taking the pressure off of the family to police their loved one.

Ensuring Addicts Stay Sober For Longer

This approach can complement their work on the 12 steps, giving clients new goals to work towards in order to achieve a fulfilling life with events and employment that contribute to a sense of success. As they find rewarding activities and lifestyle options that suit their personality they are helped into replacing the mock effects of substances with natural endorphins they have been trying to replicate.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery

Addicts are more likely to stay sober when they have goals to work towards and continued support and encouragement when adjusting to a substance free lifestyle. The temptation to succumb to cravings that may accompany early recovery are lowered when weekly interactions take place and a professional monitors abstinence from drugs. This program also offers reassurance to spouses, family and friends as their responsibility for the recovery of their afflicted family member is minimized, leaving them to enjoy their loved one being back in their lives without the burden of the addict/enabler relationship that so often develops.

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