Recovery Support Services

The Recovery Consultants offer a strengths-based support model for persons in active addiction or early in recovery from alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviors. Our approach is founded on the understanding that every individual has deep internal resources and the inherent capacity to transform his or her life. We work with our clients to build on their successes to find ways to stop active addiction, reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors, and live life more fully.

We assist clients in finding and identifying available resources for detox, treatment, relapse prevention, therapy, family support, and education.  We help everyone we work with formulate a positive plan to recover despite the barriers that may be preventing someone from living to their true potential.

Sometimes our clients have accumulated clean time in either residential treatment or otherwise, but still feel like they lack direction, or struggle with low motivation, procrastination, or even have a fear of success.  There may also be external walls that stop addicts from meeting their own needs.  Our Recovery Support Specialists can help clients better manage personal affairs, such as budgeting, housing, employment, time management, physical exercise, and socialization.  Societal norms and the expectations of a client’s current situation sometimes warrant the fine tuning of life skills that may be underdeveloped through traditional life experience.

Support and Guidance in Sobriety

Every situation is unique. We will work with individuals at all stages of recovery. We are committed to helping the individuals who are

  • Contemplating or confused about getting clean and sober
  • Leaving residential treatment
  • Currently in sober living
  • Enrolled in an out-patient or day-patient program
  • Living in their own home
  • In the process of transitioning home from sober living or treatment.
  • Seeking help after a recent relapse.

Recovery Monitoring Services

Monitoring is a service that has been proven to have a valuable place in the recovery of someone who may have just completed primary substance abuse treatment.  Most clients are precariously balanced between recovery and active addiction in the weeks, months, and year following discharge.  Monitoring can enhance positive long-term recovery outcomes.

Supplementing an aftercare plan with ongoing monitoring provides an added layer of accountability.  By implementing a monitoring service, our clients, professionals associated with a client’s continuum-of-care, and stakeholders can be alerted should early evidence of  problems or signs of relapse occur.

By proactively interacting with our clients through the monitoring process both in-person and through other forms of communication such as phone and email, we are able to provide individualized attention, feedback, and guidance.  With this platform for support in place, we can continue to motivate clients to make and/or maintain positive changes that they made when they were in treatment or first got in to recovery from addiction.

Recovery Monitoring also includes random urinalysis screenings at one of our networked providers.  Random drug and alcohol testing can help determine whether or not recovery from substance abuse has been interrupted by relapse.  Testing may be very important should an evidence-based intervention be necessary.

The accountability provided through Recovery Monitoring helps identify early warning signs of relapse, and can be adapted to effectively help clients based on additional challenges that may occur in their lives.  Services associated with Recovery Monitoring include:

  • Physical documentation of progress by a Recovery Support Specialist on a regular basis.
  • Random urinalysis screening for drugs and alcohol.
  • Regular communication with clients, professionals, and stakeholders to review client progress
  • Weekly in-person visits between clients and a Recovery Support Specialist
  • Routine assessments with clients to insure they are getting the support they need.

We are not limited by a single lens. We are committed to meet you were you are at in the recovery process, guide you where you want to go, and work with you on your dreams and goals to assist in effectively finding solutions with you.  Whether you need someone to help you sort out your resources, find treatment, or just someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through, please don’t hesitate to call us for support or guidance.  We understand very well that we cannot recover alone.