When contacted by an organization it’s important for our team to meet with your agency’s leadership to get the best understanding of what your organization’s goals are. We will perform an initial assessment of your organization that will address several factors, including the condition of resources, administrative structure, staff experience and training, data collection and analysis, safety concerns, high-risk processes and concerns, and policies and procedures related to care, treatment and services. We then provide an in-depth analysis of what the agency already has in place: policies, procedures, methodology, and processes that have already been implemented.  Following our review of an agency’s current resources, we will come up with the strategy to assist the organization in achieving their goals.  Whether it’s expanding your current program, assistance in obtaining licensure or accreditation for a new or current program, or restructuring a current program to address an identified goal or issue, taking the time to understand what is already in place is of great importance to us.

We understand that every time a representative of an agency contacts us they have a task that they would like to accomplish or an issue that needs to be resolved.  We also appreciate the importance of being able to provide uninterrupted services to their population.  We believe our methodology allows for the greatest likelihood of success.

Following a review of the programmatic elements we will discuss with leadership our recommendations as well as a detailed work plan built around enhancing the operations of an efficient treatment structure that most effectively meets the needs of its clients, follows industry standards and best practices, and accomplishes your goal as an organization. We provide a proven approach and consultation to guide the organization through the steps to achieve their goals. These customized services often include:

  • Licensure or Accreditation application or re-application assistance
  • Policy and procedure review, redesign and development
  • Evaluation of the agency’s Environment of CareSupport for Treatment Organizations
  • Assessment of areas of risk for an organization
  • Review and development of the agency’s Emergency and/or Safety Plans
  • Assessment of an organizations client records
  • Modifications agency documents
  • Auditing and restructuring of human resources personnel files
  • Personnel training and competency assessment
  • Development or implementation of a Performance
    Improvement and Quality Management Program
  • Licensure or Accreditation survey follow-up

We understand that in many cases organizations are required to be in compliance with multiple sets of standards or regulations.  The recommendations we make to your organization will complement all regulating bodies.

If agency accreditation is your goal, Recovery Consultants will contact the Joint Commission and initiate the application process. We will walk through the application with you to ensure that when it is time for your survey, you’ll be surveyed appropriately on the services your organization offers.  During an initial survey, we will continue to provide your organization with guidance and support. Post survey, we provide follow up activities related to survey compliance as determined by your agency’s leadership team.

Recovery Consultants is committed to providing your organization with ongoing, real-time guidance, effective and timely communication, and quality assurance throughout the entirety of the project. Our services are provided both on- and off-site. Throughout the project, we refine our detailed work plan and timeline, deliver status reports, and engage in agreed upon formal communications with leadership to effectively monitor the status of the project.

If you have a vision for your organization let us assist you by calling 866-444-7272.