It’s no secret that when it comes to addiction, parents may be facing some challenges that they’ve never encountered before. Nobody has the blueprints on how to be the perfect parent, and the complexities of the current generation may cause parents to feel that their skills are inadequate. Often times families are left wondering where they went wrong, what they could have done differently, and even if their loved one’s addiction could be their fault.

The focus of our coaching isn’t just the individual struggling with addiction but the family as a whole. We can help you understand family dynamics, understand how emotions affect behavior within your family, teach you how influence one another in positive ways and strengthen your bond. We work to empower families and re-instill confidence within the system to effectively deal with challenges as they occur. Just knowing that your family is achieving balance will alleviate pressure.

For families, many are more comfortable knowing their loved one has the added attention and facilitation of a coach along with a therapist and sponsor. We often work with family members who are affected by the addictions of their loved ones. This includes weekly phone call sessions to discuss client progress and address issues of boundaries, enablement, and detachment from the emotionally charged situations the addicted family member creates.