How we can help individuals

The Recovery Consultants offer a strengths-based support model for persons in active addiction or early in recovery from alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviors. Our approach is founded on the understanding that every individual has deep internal resources and the inherent capacity to transform his or her life. We work with our clients to build on their successes to find ways to stop active addiction, reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors, and live life more fully.

The Recovery Consultants help the client find and identify resources relapse prevention, detox, treatment, family support and education, and help a client formulate a positive plan to recover. Low motivation, procrastination, or the fear of success is just a few barriers that may be preventing someone from living to their true potential. There may also be external walls that stop addicts from meeting their own needs when it comes to budgeting, housing, employment, time management, physical exercise, and socialization.

Every situation is unique. We will work with individuals at all stages of recovery. We are committed to helping the following individuals who are

  • Contemplating or confused about getting clean and sober
  • Leaving residential treatment
  • Currently in sober living
  • Enrolled in an out-patient or day-patient program
  • Living in their own home
  • In the process of transitioning home from sober living/treatment.
  • Seeking help after a recent relapse.

We are not limited by a single lens. We are committed to meet you were you are at in the recovery process, guide you where you want to go, and work with you on your dreams and goals to assist in effectively finding solutions with you.  Whether you just need someone to talk to,