­­Recovery Consultants services organizational clients in both the private and public sector. We act as a specialist partner in bringing vision and comprehensive strategies to life. This includes planning efforts, implementing performance measures and requirements to support excellence, program evaluation, training, and process improvements with a relentless focus on superior client services and program quality.

These are the areas we have experience in working with organizations:


  • Personnel policy and procedure development
  • Position descriptions
  • Facilitating organizational focus group sessions
  • Operations management and coordination
  • Staff training on evaluation
  • Supervision and mentorship

Management and Organizational Assessment/Evaluation

We can provide services designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of program operations. This can include an operational assessment of key departments, including:

  • Admissions
  • Residential
  • Clinical
  • Finance
  • Client services

Work processes and policies can be reviewed and redesigned to eliminate duplications and overlap. Strategies can be established to create evaluative measurement of program success and outcomes.

Quality Assurance and Evaluation

Audit for contract/regulatory compliance and service delivery. Results and recommendations can be developed to increase / establish compliance standards, evaluation of program design and performance based on outcomes.

Policy and procedure development and survey readiness for accreditation.

Our services provide insight, analysis, procedural knowledge, and in depth review of internal policies for compliance. We can assist in developing policies based on programmatic considerations, state requirements and accreditation standards.  We provide reviews to develop policy modifications and recommendations that will successfully prepare for an on site survey with accrediting agencies.