Recovery Consultants Staff

John Ellis is an experienced Director and Consultant with over 20 years of direct administrative and organizational experience. He is responsible for and involved in a wide range of consulting assignments covering primarily Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities, Intensive out Patient Programs and Native American business and Government. This includes Strategy Design, effectiveness and efficiency studies for Health and Human Services, Organization Development methods, Compliance, Accreditation Joint Commission,  TANF, and service management.

The industries in which Mr. Ellis has specific experience include strategy, program design, program evaluation, health insurance consumer advocacy, accreditation, information and communications, and health and human services. Mr. Ellis frequently speaks and presents on a number of human services issues, and typically does both technical and motivational presentations at Treatment Conferences. Most recently this included a presentation at workshop to TRIBALNET on client management information systems.

He holds a Bachelors degree from Northern Michigan University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Arizona State University, with emphasis on planning, administration and community development. Mr. Ellis is of Chippewa/Ojibway Indian and French descent from Northern Michigan.

Andy Bennett - Recovery Support SpecialistAndy Bennett has extensive experience with helping addicts and alcoholics achieve and sustain meaningful sobriety.  Prior to his affiliation with Recovery Consultants, Andy was a family communications liaison at a nationally recognized long-term treatment facility for young adults.  He was also responsible for working with all of the educational consultants and referring professionals who played a part in helping clients enter treatment where Andy was located.

Andy’s real passion is working with families to end the cycle of addiction and help them repair dysfunction within their family system.  Throughout his career Andy has gained a reputation for showing compassion, patience and understanding, even with the most challenging clients.  He has skills and knowledge in assessment and case management, which promotes strong client confidence.  Andy has a clear, down to earth style that clients always appreciate.

Andy has helped hundreds of families in their own recovery and is a valuable asset to Recovery Consultants.  When he is not working, Andy enjoys spending time with his wife and son, watching sports, and working on his own recovery from addiction.