Our Service Philosophy

The Recovery Consultants offer a strengths-based support model for persons in active addiction or early in recovery from alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviors. Our approach is founded on the understanding that every individual has deep internal resources and the inherent capacity to transform his or her life. We work with our clients to build on their successes to find ways to stop addiction, reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors, and live life more fully. The Recovery Consultants help the client identify culpable issues and find resources for detox, treatment, family support and education, relapse prevention and assist the client in the formulation of a positive individualized plan of recovery. We also often function as part of a collaborative recovery team, to aid in providing integrated, holistic, and comprehensive services.

Clean and Sober

Our clients are not passive recipients of guidance or treatment. The focus of our mutual investment with each of the individuals we work with is to set attainable goals and design a customized plan for success. Together we work with our clients to review progress, discuss accomplishments and changes, and reshape goals based on each client’s evolving situation and needs.

Every situation is unique. We will work with individuals at all stages of recovery. Whether the person is contemplating or confused about getting clean and sober; is leaving residential treatment, in an outpatient or day-patient program, at home, in the process of transitioning home from sober living/treatment, or has recently relapsed. We are not limited by a single lens. We are committed to individualizing our approach with each client, and meeting their personal needs where they are at.

Our goal is to heal, our message is one of hope and our assurance is that with time and work, the damage can be undone and a new beginning embraced.

These same values are also true in our approach to working with recovery related organizations both in the public and private sector. We become specialized trusted business partners in problem solving, evaluating, developing, implementing and training to provide the same type of high quality individualized business services that our recovery consulting program has become known for. We maintain that recovery consulting on the organizational level is still designed for the same benefit of providing the best possible services to clients, while always remaining sensitive to their individual needs and inclusion in any process.

In Summary, Recovery Consultants will work with clients and organizations on building their dreams and goals to assist in effectively finding solutions.

Our motto of “What would you do if you knew that success was the only outcome?” is sustained in all that we do.