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History of Recovery Coaching

In 1984, the rock group Aerosmith was attempting a comeback; but it was not working, just as their newest album Back in the Saddle was not climbing the charts. There were a lot of things that were not working for Aerosmith, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, front men for the group, are referred to as […]

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Arizona Sober Coach | 5 Didn’t-See-It-Coming Relapse Triggers (and How to Avoid Them)

Arizona Sober Coach team, Recover Consultants found an interesting article on relapse triggers, please read on: Some relapse triggers, such as stress, job loss, isolation, the death of a loved one, and other distressing events or feelings, get a lot of attention during treatment, and rightly so. But sometimes it’s the happy moments (or the […]

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The Benefits of Recovery Monitoring Following Primary Treatment | Sober Coach Arizona

Sober Coach Arizona Although completion of primary care for the client is a life achievement that should be celebrated, many find that the effort of abstaining from drugs and alcohol is as hard as the initial withdrawals. As a sober coach Arizona facility we find not only do clients fear that their integration into normal […]

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Recovery Coach: What’s a Coach Got To Do With It?

Recovery Coach By Bill Ryan BRI-1, RAS, CLC In our world today, getting sober may be easier than staying sober. Talking about addiction recovery has finally come out from under the rug, yet mainstream media’s myopic view of addiction is still focused on celebrity mishaps in tabloids and analysis on TV talk shows. It’s no […]

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Welcome to Recovery Consultants

Welcome to Recovery Consultants! Check back soon for wonderful Recovery Blog entries

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